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Just trust things…

fdd34c8a15fd813ad03cacb05fd9b4ccThis post is somewhat cross-posted (slightly altered) to my personal blog at

There’s a danger to practicing authenticity by posting on your blog and Facebook, and I think that that is the risk of self-indulgence. If we’re not careful, our sharing can simply become a tedious mess of drama and victimhood, without actually demonstrating power.

It’s an easy trap to fall in to,…

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Thursday Inspiration

“You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it.”
~ Kid President

My stand for today is: I bring gratitude and joy to life today. Funny how when you’re looking for stuff for which to be grateful, you find it. Everywhere. I guess it’s like everything else we are looking for, huh? We tend to find it.

I found it on my morning run, in sunshine and cherry blossoms, and then I found it online, too:


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Apr 7

Letting go is hard to do. Or easy. You choose.

Letting go is hard to do. Or easy. You choose.


Adam’s been talking about the difference between simple and easy. I know no greater example of this distinction than the concept of letting go. It sounds so simple (and it is) and yet, at the time, when you’re trying to convince yourself to unclench those white knuckles, it seems so frigging difficult (and it can be). Simple versus easy.

A couple of weeks ago, I had gotten myself into quite a…

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Apr 5


Apr 2

Confusing simple with easy

Confusing simple with easy.

These days, my time is completely filled up.  My time has become precious, and booking time to spend with someone is a gift.  My time is a limited commodity, and every time I say yes to something, I’m saying no to something else.

So from that place, it becomes clear how to guide my actions.  I stop saying yes.  I say no to more things.  Instead of giving my time away to anyone that will take it,…

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Keep your eyes on the road.

Keep your eyes on the road.

Here’s a story for you. I like stories on Fridays.

Cabriolet 003 Small

Way back when I bought my first car, I purchased an ’86 Volkswagon Cabriolet, partly because it was a convertible, but mostly because my big brother had said they were good cars for princesses (and let’s face it—that’s all the convincing I needed). It was white on white, (badly) needed a new roof and had an impressive constellation of dings on…

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Working with love

Executives need to focus more on #love than anyone else in the #business.

1a864e677e9753134e4d9e822ba2b2b6Love isn’t something that most executives spend a lot of time thinking about.  It generally occurs as a burden or an afterthought.  Something we pay lip-service to, and use to correctly apply the “shit-sandwich” to our clients and staff (one of my client’s brilliantly referred to the “open-faced shit-sandwich” as providing only a dose of love at the end, rather than the start and end).


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Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?


Ah, my survival mechanism’s favourite question.

I think it’s a valid question, since who we are is largely determined by ourselves (our thoughts, our feelings, our judgments, stories and interpretations of, oh, every single little thing we experience). It’s interesting, then, that we grant so much credence to who others say we are. We are sometimes flattered by their description of us; at other…

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An unlikely messiah - Part 2

An unlikely messiah – Part 2

c4e8c0c6161f140480f0f0bf174ca500We’re at Part 2 of this post.  You can read the first part here.

When we last left off, our ignoble hero (me) had just come to the realization that the vast world of certainty and the known had become small and contained.  It was time to take a step into something different.

It was predictable, when I stepped out of the secure work as a lawyer and into the unknown world of coach and entrepreneur,…

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Mar 7

What Do You Really Want?

What Do You Really Want?

“Men are not afraid of things, but of how they view them.”
~ Epictetus


There are a lot of things to be afraid of in this world. Spiders (eight-legged minions of evil, in my humble opinion), fire, sickness, falling through ice and probably about a million more things.

Sometimes, we’re afraid of the very things we want, which is a clever way for us to get out of being who we want to be, doing the…

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