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My dear friend Nicki Gorini

My dear friend Nicki Gorini

Cynicism vs. Idealism

219607977fa2ec9cd9fa224e20703460This post started out about service and support, and how resistant we seem to be to those things, culturally.  But as I wrote, I realized that I was really writing about a particular distinction.  That distinction is a cynical vs. an ideal view.  As you know, I love distinctions, because we can apply them immediately.  It’s not a complicated series of steps that if we follow, maybe, just maybe,…

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Take a time out.

Take a time out.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.24.01 PM

I’m taking next week off (starting today, actually). This is exciting news, because vacation. Enough said. Vacation is pretty precious when you’re self-employed, because it’s much easier to just work all the time, all the time. And then be thinking about work any time you’re not actually working. Especially when you love your work (that’s right, all my clients who might be reading this: I enjoy…

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Asking for permission, vs inviting

Asking for permission, vs inviting

7a36a57e406cb6f776c12055153093d9I was sitting with my friend Jay in the most beautiful place in the world this past weekend, and it occurred to me that I’ve been doing everything backwards.  Oh, not entirely everything, but a lot of the stuff that matters.

As a coach, my job is to invite people into conversations of possibility.  This isn’t the kind of conversation that most of us normally have.  We typically have conversations…

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Making perfect sense.


Lately, I’ve been doing this thing I do, where I get all tunnel-vision-y (fun with words!) and focus only on what’s wrong, or on what’s not good enough, according to me. Hence, why you’ve seen few posts from me (“What do I want to say? It’s got to be really good and amazing and change lives and save kittens, and if I don’t write about exactly the best thing, then all the kittens will die and…

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How I stopped worrying about my body

How I stopped worrying about my body

bdb9c132b23eb5ca40b01e30ea8299c5I have a confession to make.

I hate working out.

I think it’s stupid, and boring.

I hate the smell of the place.  I hate comparing myself to the other guys working out.  I hate lifting weights.  I hate “pushing through to the burn”.  I hate “just one more”.  I hate asking someone to spot me, and I hate lifting weights alone.

I hate the gym.

And having said all that, I’ve taking up lifting weights…

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One more day.


A couple of weeks ago, I applied to speak at a TEDx event. It’s been a goal of mine for over a year now, but only out loud since last year’s TEDx Victoria event.

Hitting “send” was thrilling and terrifying (were there typos? omigod, what if there were typos! how clear was my idea? omigod, it was probably disjointed and Latin. omigod, I don’t know Latin—what am I doing writing in Latin?). You…

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Thank you

838058db9a02f72e7d3251c0a17bbf18Two weekends past, I finished up a year of training coaches in San Diego.  Our training programs are, by design, intensive, confronting, at times excruciating, always in service of what is best for the participant’s growth, and generate the world’s finest coaches.

Today I want to write a little bit about that experience and thank those involved.

If you’ve ever come across someone calling…

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Jul 5

You tell me.

Another question in the series of things I’m asked by potential clients:

What will we work on? Do I need huge projects? Am I a good candidate for coaching? 

That’s a great question. Often, people come to me with a specific area that they’re really interested in changing up or moving forward. The thing is, though, that rarely does one part of our lives operate separate from the rest. See, there’s…

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